HomeWithin — exploring creativity and freedom in expression

HomeWithin is a project that explores creativity and freedom through expression. It combines founder Sanchit Babbar’s experience as a professional dancer, the first certified   SAFE ® FLOOR coach in the US, and involvement in Burning Man.

“Through being a professional dancer, experiencing Burning Man, and being trained in the S.A.F.E. method, I realized there is something within us that is more home than the body — our mind and spirit, which expresses joy in creativity” – Sanchit Babbar. 

HomeWithin will share performing arts and the SAFE ® FLOOR spine decompression technique with the Burning Man Festival and community throughout the year. We will hold online SAFE ® FLOOR sessions and bring a performing arts theater and SAFE ® FLOOR center to the Burning Man Festival 2021. Plans for next year include a spine decompression center built within a 40x50x20 ft pyramid, designed by project associate  Anthony Noa.

Founder Sanchit Babbar, invites you on a journey to find comfort, ease and freedom within….our HomeWithin.

The Virtual Black Rock City 2020.

As a gift to the Burning Man Community, HomeWithin will offer online sessions of Internationally acclaimed spine decompression technique called SAFE® FLOOR which rehydrates your fascia, detoxifies your lymphatic system, improves your joint mobility, core strength, muscle tone and flexibility.

Three sessions will be held everyday during the week of the festival. Sign up form will be available two weeks before the VBRC 2020.

Burners will require:-
• A quiet room
• High-speed internet connection
• I-pad/Laptop/Phone with widescreen horizontal view
• Clean floor with enough space to lay down having legs and arms extended to the side, as well as above your head
• No other people in the background except the attendee.
• Yoga Mats/Carpets/Socks welcome but not necessary
• Duration : 60min

Video provided by MAISON MUNZ