Sanchit Babbar is the first certified
 coach for MAISON MUNZ innovative body training method in the United States.  Trained by the founder Alexandre Munz.
S.A.F.E.® – Spine Advanced Functional Empowerment

Scientifically approved, internationally awarded, our movement scores regenerate global appearance and energy.



A revolution to face your back.


SAFE® FLOOR is a neuromuscular technique developed by Alexandre Munz, formerly Principal Soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet, trained at the Paris Opera Ballet school. The concept is as innovative as it is inclusive, micro-spherical stretching is performed in a spiral and in slowness, this back and forth of circular expansion and contraction strengthens the deepest muscle layers. Another major asset of this technique is its sponge effect which massages and regenerates the fasciae, these connective tissues that govern our organs and our internal and external systems. The impacts are breathtaking and with immediate effects, SAFE® FLOOR gives you more joint freedom, more muscle flexibility, while releasing endorphins that soothe pain and stress.


What impacts in real time?

3D sequential dynamic core concept is transformative, SAFE® FLOOR unleashes a gold mine of natural resources left unexplored by the workout industry, impacting health, wellbeing, skin texture, muscle tone, energy level, mental and professional performances.