I took Sanchit’s ballet classes in New York City and thoroughly enjoyed them. His straight forward, clear communication of terms and concepts made the classes fun and easy to grasp. Ballet is an art form that requires so much discipline and commitment… because Sanchit is such an approachable and intelligent teacher, he sets a judgement free learning zone that is suitable for beginners and professional dancers alike. A skilled and caring teacher, who is genuinely interested in your progress!
Dianne Kaye,
Actor, Singer and Dancer

New York | Sydney

I have done a hot Vinyassa type yoga class for a couple years and Sanchit taught at our studio temporarily while in town for dance. I was able to take about 4 classes from him. After the first class I felt that everyone should expose themselves to his class.
He meticulously focused on alignment. His classes were more of a workshop, doing similar things at the start of class but reading the class and teaching what we needed. I brought my husband to class and since then he has done the studying Sanchit has suggested. He has improved his pelvic and shoulder mobility considerably and now preaches pelvic mobility. Every time I come up from low lunge to high crescent, I always think of Sanchit’s alignment cues.
Maybe it helps to say that one of our best yoga teachers was in every class I went to. Another 1-2 additional teachers also loved his classes. I think this is worth mentioning.
We are in a very small studio. His interpersonal skills are great, he seems trustworthy and reliable. I’m happy to answer questions if needed.
Dr. Mynette Foley, MD
Western Valley Family Practice, Colorado

My name is Michael G Mitchell from Fruita Colorado. I had the privilege of taking a few  yoga classes in the spring of 2018 at Half Moon Yoga Studio in Grand Junction Colorado where Sanchit was a guest instructor.

Sanchit is a highly competent yoga instructor who meets each student where they are in their individual practices.  His understanding of the biomechanics of each asana is exemplified through his ability to clearly demonstrate and articulate the benefits each movement. He is a hands-on instructor offering adjustments as needed by the developing student. He focuses on teaching the basic fundamentals of each asana.  He is able to break down the asana into its elements by using an exaggerated movement method to demonstrate how each element relates to the anatomy of the skeleton and muscles.   His teaching style is compassionate yet demanding.  His voice is pleasant and firm  His character is filled with humility and gratitude for the student.  Sanchit’s strength is his flexibility and knowledge of anatomy.

I am an avid cyclist and practicing yoga under 3 years. My experience as a student of Sanchit was both educational and rewarding.  He helped me to understand the origin of movement in the human body is the sacrum.  He increased my awareness of how the sacrum is related to both the pelvis and spine. He provided a series of strength and flexibility exercises designed to increase flexibility of the spine and pelvis.  The result of his instruction was a dramatic improvement of my cycling pedal stroke through a deepening awareness of how to engage the gluteus muscles.

Any athlete or yogi seeking to improve their abilities would benefit from Sanchit.  I would highly recommend Sanchit as a yoga instructor and movement coach at any level.


Michael G Mitchell

Artist and Athlete






Sanchit Babbar was a yoga student of mine at the Alvin Ailey Dance School from 2013-2015. The yoga syllabus  is a general program that is  designed to address the needs of dancers. The  program is an amalgamation of Taoist theory, Iyengar and Anusara teachngs.
Sanchit is an excellent student. He is a student who applies himself to explore a subject in depth, in and out of a classroom situation. His approach to the subject was thorough and sincere.
I would  highly recommend Sanchit as a teacher as well as a welcome addition to any dance company. He is smart, co-operative and has an intelligent approach to working.
Leslie Journet
Former Dancer, Yoga Teacher
Faculty, The Ailey School, New York


I highly recommend classes and workshops with Sanchit. He is well versed in the method of Iyengar and is able to walk you through correctly doing the poses – using props and modifications if needed- so you can feel your body opening up in new ways you have never experienced. He is able to show you how to activate from your core and get into postures you thought weren’t possible before.

Hana Russell

Yoga Teacher

Sacramento, California





I am a teacher and writer based in New York City. I studied ballet in my 20s in for two years. Sanchit Babbar was the best and most inspiring teacher I had. He takes ballet and his students very seriously and at the same time is fun and playful. He is excellent with advanced students even adult beginners. I saw many students progress tremendously during the year I spent with him. Sanchit taught me very well and never gave up on me. He saw my strengths as a dancer and was very encouraging. I would say I grew the most under my study with Sanchit and also became the most devoted. Sanchit is a passionate dancer, teacher and a true artist. If Sanchit is teaching in your city, you are very lucky.


Julia Miller

Teacher and Writer

New York




I was Sanchit’s student in his adult ballet class at the Bridge for Dance Studio in New York City. I am currently a Ph.D. student at Columbia University.

Sanchit taught me ballet for about one year during 2016 and 2017. It has been an unforgettable experience in my life. In fact, he is one of my favorite ballet teachers that I have met in my life. What I have learnt from his classes has doubled what I could learn from other teachers. I almost had zero experience in dancing before he taught me. People usually told me that I was not talented in dancing when I was a kid, although I was always dreaming that one day I could dance. Thanks to Sanchit who has made me believe I can still become a dancer even if I started late – I am getting closer to my dream. I could not believe that one day people told me that I look like a ballerina, but Sanchit made this happen.

Sanchit is not only a very professional dancer, who can do amazing things in dancing, but also an amazing teacher. He cares about every student, and his meticulous instruction helps everyone to improve the performance. From my perspective, what make Sanchit really special are two things. First, he can identify each student’ different talent and push everyone to full potential. For example, I do not have much flexibility and turnout, so I was very shy and not confident at all. However, as an adult, I am a quick learner and a hard-worker. Therefore, Sanchit always made me demonstrate and lead the combinations in class. As a result, I have been working even harder to make sure I would not make mistakes, and have become much more confident than before. Then I started trying harder things, from single pirouette to double to triple pirouettes. I cannot believe how much I got improved during the time he taught me, and definitely I am not the only person who got improved a lot during his classes. Second, he has the rare talent to motivate people so that we spontaneously love dancing. As an adult who is busy with school work and other things, I lack the motivation to come to the class every time, as I am not pushed by parents like a little kid. However, Sanchit’s passion made me love ballet. I started really appreciating the beauty of ballet as a form of art, and enjoying every moment when I am dancing. Every time after dancing I feel much happier. I believe I will keep dancing as long as I can. I think this is especially important for adult students, who need the real motivation to come to classes more regularly.

Moreover, the perseverance that I have learnt from Sanchit benefits me in every aspect of life. Every time when I have difficulties in my life or study, I tell myself, if I can do well in dance (which is the thing I was least good at), then I will conquer any difficulties. I cannot remember how many times this sentence works in my life, and it pushes me to persist in things I love.

I believe that Sanchit will achieve his goals wherever he goes. I hope many more people will have the great opportunity to learn from him just like me.


Yuan Zou

PhD Candidate, Accounting

Graduate School of Business – Columbia University